Objective Studies is a newly established digital platform introducing distinctive objects and furniture. Through the uncompromising study and appreciation of craft, materials, composition and context we will curate and feature collections on our platform exclusively a few times a year.

Our mission is to bring equity into the design industry, nurturing new talent by presenting exceptional and innovative works. We are commited to fostering a supportive environment for designers and makers, helping to connect their craft to the right audiences. We aim to become a launching patform for emerging talent, be the preferred marketpace for design enthusiast, and a distinctive sourcing archive for industry professionals.



First launched with an exhibition on 12th of June, 2024.

Curated by Sara De Campos and Sébastien El Idrissi.

The Danish conception of modern life, specifically the way of creating livable spaces, offers a great deal to today‘s designers. The close relationship with nature, the thoughtful and careful use of natural materials or spaces, the allowance of flexible uses – are just some of the points that seem more pertinent to our contemporary context than ever. In this exhibition, the Korshage house, built in 1960 by Erik Korshagen on the north coast of Denmark, serves as a prime example of this thinking. Using it as a spatial and conceptual link, we bring together an international group of designers to showcase their contemporary furniture in the spirit of the historic site. In this way, the exhibition will create a link between Danish home culture and its influence on today‘s global design landscape. While highlighting the close connection to natural surroundings, the project also aims to demonstrate that – if things are conceived having time, materials, people and its environment in consideration – they can stand the test of time and remain for the generations to come.


Ted Synnott

Ted Synnott is an Auckland-based designer specializing in objects and spaces. Initially trained in timber furniture making, he has expanded his expertise to include various materials and processes, with recent focus on sheet metal forming, leading to the Terra collection. Synnott aims to create fundamental forms that evoke a sense of calm in both objects and environments.


Founded by Camille Paillard and Romain Voulet, CPRV is a creative office that combines the pair’s extensive experience specializing in industrial design, operating between London and Marseille. Formed by designers from diverse backgrounds, CPRV designs products, lighting, furniture, and interiors, with a focus on balancing materiality, simplicity, and usefulness.

Sara De Campos

Sara de Campos is a Portuguese industrial and space designer and photographer. Awarded the 'Grand Prix Design Parade' and a special mention at the 'Braun Prize,' she won the Sammode Prize, leading to a year-long collaboration on a light-related project. She has worked on commissioned projects for Mor Design, Manufacture de Sèvres, Electra Magazine, CIRVA, Vitra x ÉCAL, and e15 x ÉCAL, with her work featured in Wallpaper*, Disegno, and Le Monde.

Rasmus Palmgren

Rasmus Palmgren (1989) is a Copenhagen-based designer focused on creating long-lasting and responsible products. He strives for innovative solutions that balance materials, aesthetics, usability, and production, developing scale models and full-size prototypes to ensure his designs are easy to understand. After studying at Malmstens Linköping University and The Royal Danish Academy, he opened his studio in 2019, designing for TAKT, Lokal Gallery, Inno, Form & Refine, and Nousaku.

Mario Martinez

Mario Martinez is a Spanish industrial designer based in Copenhagen, specializing in furniture, lighting, and art direction. He founded his studio in 2018, aiming to create simple, responsible designs that communicate harmony, influenced by his appreciation for craftsmanship and ordinary objects. His work has led to collaborations with Karl Andersson & Söner, MUJI, Space10, and Gandia Blasco, earning recognition from AD Satellite and other design platforms.

Sina Sohrab

Sina Sohrab is an industrial designer based in Madrid, Spain, with a focus on furniture, product, and exhibition design, as well as design-oriented research projects. His multidisciplinary practice explores cultural and behavioral narratives to define future ways of living. Sohrab's work has been internationally recognized and exhibited, earning several design awards, including a Red Dot 'Best of the Best' and a Wallpaper* Design Award.


Juhl & Lange is a Danish design studio specializing in furniture, products, and interiors. Rooted in exploring materials, shapes, and production processes, their designs blend cultural traditions with modern innovations. Juhl & Lange creates sustainable, timeless designs that enrich lives and spaces for generations.

Sébastien El Idrissi

Sébastien El Idrissi (1989) is a Swiss industrial designer focused on positive change through meaningful concepts and efficient production. He collaborates with diverse clients, creating durable furniture, objects, and appliances. Since founding his practice in 2019, his work has been internationally exhibited and is part of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich collection. He received a Good Design Award in 2024.

Asca Studio

Asca Studio, co-founded by Cassandra Bradfield and Sofia Olsson, specializes in material-focused interiors and object design, prioritizing longevity and spatial sensitivity. Embracing the intrinsic qualities of materials, their designs evoke warmth and authenticity. In addition to interiors, Asca Studio ventures into object design, crafting innovative pieces that seamlessly blend functionality with elegance. The founders' commitment to spatial sensitivity goes beyond aesthetics, creating environments that engage the senses and promote well-being.

Thélonious Goupil

Thélonious Goupil is a French industrial designer based in Paris and focused on developing sustainable and intuitive objects. He is a co-director at Collections Typologie, a publishing house exploring industrial objects, and engages in open, collaborative projects. Since founding his studio in 2018, his work has been featured in various exhibitions; he graduated with honors from Ensci-Les Ateliers and trained at Ransmeier Inc. and Jasper Morrison Ltd.